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Make your appearance a little greener!

For artists, bands, festivals and ticket providers we offer special partnership opportunities, which we present to you on this page.

Ticketing Partnership

Fan Forest Project

Merchandising Partnership

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Your Ticket-Donation

With this partnership, you will be able to support PlantNOW’s projects with a jointly agreed donation per ticket sold.

Tag your ticket with the PlantNOW supporter logo for ticket partners or place it on your ticketing platform and you’ll be good to go. 

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»It is crucial and our most important responsibility to ensure ecosystem preservation and their sustainable protection«

Fan Forest Project

Your own forest with your fans as sponsors

Together with your fans, you can secure your own ecosystem, where we do the necessary reforestation and conservation work.

As part of this land sponsorship, we will provide you with digital Fan-Forest certificates that you can easily sell through your online store.

Square meter by square meter, your own fan forest will grow by this – named after you, your band or your festival. For documentation, we provide you with regular progress reports and satellite images that document how your ecosystem is growing.

You want to grow your fan forest with us? Reach out here:

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»By using resources more economically, everyone can actively contribute to environmental protection«

Merchandising Partnership

Your Merchandise-Donation

The production of merchandise consumes an incredible amount of resources. Have you ever thought about alternatives to traditional merchandise?

We collaborate with SUSTAIN Merchandise, an agency specialized in developing sustainable merch concepts. They are producing alternatives as Upcycling, 2nd Hand and DIY merch and supporting our projects with donations from their merchandise sales.

Already offering sustainable merchandise? No problem. You as well can support the work of PlantNOW with an individually determined donation per sold merchandise item. For this purpose, we provide you with our PlantNOW Supporter logo for merchandising partners.

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»Everyone should become active in the fight against climate change – join us«

Become PlantNOW Ambassador

Your awareness is our success in climate protection

Education, visibility and awareness are essential for the successful implementation of our projects. That is why we need you to spread our message to the world.

Let’s stand together in the fight against climate change and educate humanity that there is a role for everyone in this script.

In return, we root you firmly on our WALL OF FAME and of course in our hearts!

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