More biodiversity with help from your company

Solutions for your sustainability strategy

For your business – large or small – we offer special partnership opportunities that help you improve your company’s carbon footprint. Join us creating a more sustainable future.


Business Forest Project

Start-up Partnership


Donate by the sales of your items

By placing our Sales-for-Climate-Logo on your items, we offer you the opportunity to support our projects and thus your customers and you can easily participate in environmental protection. Choose your sale items with which you would like to participate.

Each item marked with logo donates the percentage agreed with us in advance and supports PlantNOWs projects.

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»It is crucial and our most important responsibility to ensure ecosystem preservation and their sustainable protection«

Business-Forest Project

The forest sponsorship for your company

Secure your own ecosystem with a forest sponsorship for companies. On this land we carry out the necessary reforestation as well as protection work.

If your business is successful, you can balance your resource consumption by growing your business forest square meter by square meter.

As part of your sponsorship, we will provide you with digital Business-Forest certificates usable for your public relations or showcase on your website. You’ll also receive regular progression reports and satellite imagery documenting how your ecosystem is growing.

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»Today, sustainable action is a matter of course for most companies. Consumers are also paying more and more attention to their carbon footprint«

Start-up Partnership

Let your business and our forests grow together!

Are you start-up or small company? You are lacking the financial means to contribute more to environmental protection?

PlantNOW offers the opportunity to small companies and start-ups supporting environmental protection projects without any financial outlay.

The small token for a huge impact!

Show your customers how important meaningful climate protection is to you and your company and support us as an ambassador through your public relations or social media channels.

Doing this we provide you with the PlantNOW Ambassador logo. Print the logo on your promotional materials, embed it on your website or social media channels and tell your customers about us and our work. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with texts and images for your educational work. And of course your logo will get a place on our partners page.

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