Together against Climate Change!

Nature conservation focusing on sustainability and biodiversity

PlantNOW is a non-profit-organization whose mission is to counteract climate change with a holistic approach to sustainable ecosystem restoration, ecological conservation and education. We are actively joining the United Nations Environment Program UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Sustainable Climate Protection

Our approach

PlantNOW funds and designs conservation projects focusing on biodiversity and sustainability. Our mission is to take climate action through sustainable environmental protection.

Protection of Natural Ecosystems

Healthy ecosystems form the basis of our lives. Preserving them is one of our most important responsibilities.

We need healthy ecosystems to regulate our planet’s climate. They are reducing greenhouse gases, providing us with oxygen, clean drinking water and food. But their importance is much more far-reaching – as they are also helping to prevent the emergence of pandemics.

Reforestation, Restoration and Regeneration

In addition to protecting landscapes, ecosystem restoration and reforestation are indispensable tools in the fight against climate change.

Deforestation is progressing so rapidly that we have to actively counteract it. Carefully considered concepts with a focus on creating rich biodiversity are imperative for the sustainable restoration of natural landscapes. Doing this, we are supported by experts from the fields of biology ecology, geology and permaculture.

Information and Education

Information and education about the causes of climate change and ways to reduce greenhouse gases are essential for climate protection.

We all can contribute to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. There are many ways to do this, and they are not limited to the issue of energy. They range from mobility and consumer behaviour to our diet.

»Ecological restoration and reforestation are effective ways to act on climate change – but only if they are pursued sensibly and over the long term«

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How you can join PlantNOW

Whether ideational or financial support – only together we can achieve our goals. We’d love you to join us and keep you up to date on what we’ve accomplished together.

Participate Actively

You want to get involved and support us in planting, public relations or other areas? Apply via the following contact form and become part of the team!

Donate Now

You have the possibility to support our work with a donation here. Singular donations also help to preserve or create natural landscapes! Your donation to PlantNOW is tax deductible.

Supporting membership

Supporting members are crucial to make the PlantNOW projects possible. Even small amounts – determined by you – can help. Join with as little as 3 € per month! Of course, your membership dues are also tax deductible.

Other ways to support

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»For sustainable reforestation, high biodiversity is more important than mere quantity«

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Act now for tomorrow’s climate

Extensive reforestation, the preservation of natural ecosystems and the reduction of greenhouse gases are necessary to counteract climate change.1,2,3

According to current knowledge, global warming is almost exclusively due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.4

On average, each European releases well over 8 tons of carbon dioxide per year5 which is caused mostly by electricity and heat generation. We all could aim to reduce our carbon footprint. However, greenhouse gas reductions will not be enough to keep global warming below the critical 1.5-degree limit, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its 2018 Special Report on Global Warming.6 Trees, bushes, shrubs and moorlands can bind large amounts of CO2 – but only if they are preserved in the long term. Therefore, we are convinced that not only planting trees but holistic, sustainable restoration and protection of existing natural ecosystems are necessary for sensible climate, environmental and species protection.

Join us in contributing to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and thus to climate protection.

Together we can keep our planet livable for future generations.

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»Thank you for your interest, your support, your commitment!«

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