We fund projects for climate protection

We are a non-profit organization that supports projects promoting climate protection both financially and ideationally in developing and implementing ideas. All projects and organizations supported by us have to meet our high standards by working sustainably, transparently and in accordance with current scientific findings. Additionally, we develop our own projects in Europe, which aim at the conservation of natural landscapes and sustainable restoration. In this way, we would like to counteract the ongoing climate change.

PlantNOW is a recent association (founded in April 2021) and we still stand at the beginning of our work. We are in exchange with several organizations to clarify last pending points regarding collaboration. In addition, we are already searching for suitable areas in Spain in order to acquire them and ensure the long-term protection of the ecosystems.
As soon as the necessary preliminary work has been completed, we will present those projects here.

»All projects and organizations we support are operating sustainably, transparently and in accordance to current scientific findings«

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