Sustainable Projects for Climate Protection

We are a non-profit organization that supports projects promoting climate protection both financially and ideationally in developing and implementing ideas. All projects and organizations supported by us have to meet our high standards by working sustainably, transparently and in accordance with current scientific findings.

(Costa Rica)

COBIGA – The La Gamba Biological Corridor

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. But even here, large-scale deforestation for agricultural use and the establishment of large monocultures for the production of export goods led to the destruction of primary rainforests. 

The “La Gamba Biological Corridor” will connect the lowland rainforests of Golfo Dulce with the mountain rainforests of Fila Cal.

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Eco Project Wane

Eco Project Wane – Protection of the Indonesian Rainforest

With the third largest rainforest area in the world, Indonesia has a significant proportion of all described terrestrial animal and plant species, as well as a unique marine diversity. Intensive slash-and-burn has already caused extensive and widespread damage to the total area of Indonesia’s rainforest and is a major cause of degradation of all ecosystems and poverty of local communities. “Eco Project Wane” considers itself as a holistic approach to implement sustainable agriculture, reforestation, conservation programs and ecological education in the local community in the region of Wane / BIMA in Indonesia.

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