Why Plant With Us?

Why should you consider planting a church with BCNY Church planting?

Top Six Reasons to Partner With Us

Its all about people.

It really comes down to relationships. We aren’t just working together to plant churches and make a kingdom impact, but also to develop friendships and community with each other. When a family, a marriage or church planter is struggling, we respond as friends. Its about a brotherhood that supports, prays, and has fun together for the Gospel impact we can have working together.

Diversity is our strength.

Planting a church in southwest Connecticut, North New Jersey or throughout New York allows you to be in one of the most diverse areas in our country. The opportunities are truly endless to reach many different people that reside within New York with the Gospel of Jesus and with a life-giving church.. With different language groups, and people from all over the world living in the area, the opportunities for different kinds of churches are endless. BCNY Church planting has many different planters and families reaching many different people within this are

Development, coaching and mentoring along the journey.

We know this is a huge step and one of the biggest you may make in your life to plant a new church. As God is leading you and guiding you to this calling, we have an encouraging process of church planter assessment that helps you understand a development plan to get stronger. We help you get ready with a customized development plan, training, coaching and mentoring as you take the journey to plant a church and make disciples in your community. There are ample opportunities to troubleshoot and discuss challenges and share victories with each other.

Resources that can make God’s vision a reality.

Network is huge when your beginning a church planting process. BCNY Church planting is part of a larger network of churches, partners and resources that can be mobilized to help you succeed. From raising funds, to enlisting partners, to developing strategies, and implementing a prayer team for the new church, we can help bring the resources to help you succeed in every step of church planting and implementing the mission God has given you.

Access to practitioners, missionaries, problem solvers and prayer warriors.

Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next? We connect the church planter to other church planters in networks and gatherings that equip and sharpen.

A meaningful community to connect into for your wife and family.

Your wife and family are a vital part of the church planting team. We purposefully set up meaningful and consistent opportunities for church planter’s wives to be connected in meaningful ways through events, local network meetings and dinners, and our state wide women’s ministry initiative. Its a vital connection that we prioritize and make available to all of our planter families.