A collection of helpful links and documents.

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Convention Links

Links to the major partners of BCNY Church Planting.

Mobilize Me

The church planting arm of the North American Mission Board is integral to starting the process for all of our church planters.

Baptist Convention of New York

Our state convention staff are all committed to resourcing our church plants and will play a vital role in your church’s future.

Southern Baptist Convention

Our larger Southern Baptist family includes missionaries in North America through NAMB and around the world through IMB.

Required Legal Documents

The links below go to pages containing basic legal documents that you and your church plant will need to be recognized by the State of New York.

Not-For-Profit FAQs

Questions and answers about Non-Profit incorporation in New York State, including specific information for churches.

Not-For-Profit Incorporation

The Not-for-Profit Corporation Filings section of the NY State website provides everything you need to be recognized by the state.

Sales Tax Exemption

In order to make purchases for your church without being charged sales tax, you will need to file for tax-exempt status using forms from the NY State website.

Constitution and By-Laws Samples

These sample documents can be used as a point of reference when creating your own for your church.

Sample Church Constitution

A church constitution contains many of the same items required for the Incorporation form. A constitution contains the basic of who (name, location) and why (purpose, belief). A constitution usually requires a greater burden of effort and time to change. The sample constitution available here is intended to be only an example of the types of articles a church might desire to include in their own constitution.

Sample Church By-Laws

Church bylaws tends to be a longer document than the constitution because its emphasis tends to be on the details of how the church is structured and functions. The sample bylaws available here is intended to be only an example of the type of articles a church might desire to include in their own set of bylaws.