Tim and Karen Mathis

Tim and Karen Mathis

Westmoreland Community Church – westmochurch.com

About the Planter

Although we were both born and raised in this small community, we have spent all of our adult lives worshiping and serving God in one of the nearby cities.  God made it very clear to us in 2013 that he wanted to see a church planted right here in our hometown and for us to begin to reach out to our very own community, friends, and neighbors with the Good News that He has called us to proclaim.   After receiving degrees in religion and serving in congregations in the south our son, daughter, and son-in-law have all come back to Westmoreland to serve and plant along side us.  We are very blessed and feel privileged to not just serve this community but to give them the hope of a life with Jesus Christ!

About the Church/Area

NEIGHBORHOOD/COMMUNITY/CHURCH INFO:   Westmoreland, NY is a small community between the cities of Rome and Utica and although the two cities are slowly converging on us Westmoreland still has that feel of a small, tight-knit town.  The lives of the people here still centers around families, neighbors, the school, and local volunteer organizations.  Just like this town, Westmoreland Community Church has that same small town feel.  Our desire is to reach one person at a time, to save one soul at a time, and in turn to affect one family, that eventually impacts their neighborhood, which begins to flood this entire community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to live life with these people and to not just tell them but to show them the genuine love of God and how it can change their lives.
WAYS TO PARTNER:  Pray -  Please pray for this community.  Specifically for the children, youth, and families.  Please pray that we as planters will always remember what God has
called us to do here and that we continue to seek His plan and follow His will for this church.  Please pray for mature believers to come along side us and help with the teaching and building up of the new believers that we are blessed to see coming.
                                    Participate - We have many new believers and this is amazing because this is what God has called us to do, but many church plants begin with a team of mature believers.  We did not start this way and we can use all the help we can get from those who have been walking with Christ.  If you live anywhere near us and feel that God would have you come and support and work with us then please do so!  There are many things that can and need to be done so that we can continue to disciple and feed these new Chrisitians.  Feel free to share our website and Facebook pages with those you may know who live in the area, both the saved and unsaved.
                                   Provide - Please follow through and provide in any way that God is leading you, to our plant as well as others.  We are all striving to meet the call of God and that takes every and any support that you have to offer whether it be financial support, prayer, or your presence.  If God is laying it upon your heart to reach out to us specifically, then please feel free to contact us through our email or phone number.

How to Get Involved

  • That we don’t neglect to commune with God and to love our wives and families in these busy times.
  • For wisdom in the building stages of the church as we choose leaders.
  • That the building would not distract us from our mission to spread the gospel.
  • Share this church plant with people you know
  • Visit our beautiful city in small teams while being intentional about living the gospel.
  • Send teams to help prayerwalk and do mission work.
  • Give to the Co-operative program and the Annie Armstrong offering.
  • Consider making a financial gift directly to the church plant.

There are numerous ways to help a church plant, including some not listed on this website. Please contact us for more information about how to help this planter. Please refer to NAMB’s website for the official policy statement concerning providing for church plants.