Ronnie and Michelle Wyatt

Ronnie and Michelle Wyatt

The Neighborhood Church – Syracuse, NY

About the Planter

Since coming to faith in Christ in 1995, Ronnie has Pastored two churches in NC and has been all over the country as a Traveling Evangelist / Revival Speaker and Christian Comedian. In 2013, he and his wife, Michele, along with their three daughters - Abi, Tori, and Juli - moved to Syracuse, NY to plant The Neighborhood Church.

About the Church/Area

The Northside Community of Syracuse is riddled with poverty, homelessness, and addiction. The Neighborhood Church is located between four strip clubs and focuses on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those that do not believe “Church” is a place for them. The TNC Motto is: We SHOW Jesus so we can SHARE Jesus.


Potential Projects and Ways to Connect:

Below is a list of just a few possible ministry / service projects.

  1. Every Saturday night, we have a free meal for those that come to our worship service (we meet every Saturday at 5:30). We need help preparing a meal for us or help serving and cleaning up.
  2. We have a simple “Blessing Bag” Ministry where we hand out bags filled with snacks and useful practical items to various groups around us. We pass out Blessing Bags to the homeless and Strippers and Prostitutes (We are located between four Strip Clubs). At the bottom of this list you can find samples of the items that share.
  3. There is a very neglected shelter called the Oxford Inn which basically houses the homeless that are not allowed at the Rescue Mission. We can prepare and carry meals to them.
  4. We have a clothing ministry. There is always sorting and organizing that needs to be done. If the weather is good we can also take some of the clothes out on to the sidewalk and bless our neighbors as they travel by.
  5. We have a bread ministry in which we give away free bread every Monday. We set up out on the sidewalk and bless our neighbors. Having people to greet, encourage and pray with those who come up is always needed.
  6. We have a number of small parks around us. We can clean up the parks and hand out bottles of water (and church info) to those that we meet.
  7. A couple of days a week, we put out signs for FREE COFFEE and WATER for those waiting for the bus and passers by. We have people on hand that can pray with and encourage those in need.
  8. We have a “Bus Stop” ministry that takes out bottled water (Coffee when it’s cold) to those who are waiting for the bus at one of the many local public designated pick up areas.
  9. Prayer Walking through our neighborhood (Handing out church info / water etc) to those that we meet.
  10. Community and street clean up
  11. Prepare and deliver a meal for our local Police and Fire Departments.
  12. Backyard Bible Clubs in the local parks.
  13. A one day event in the park to do a clothes give away or something similar in order to share the gospel.
  14. We need a handicap bathroom built in our building and a few other handy man type projects.

Get in Touch

How to Get Involved

  • That we don’t neglect to commune with God and to love our wives and families in these busy times.
  • For wisdom in the building stages of the church as we choose leaders.
  • That the building would not distract us from our mission to spread the gospel.
  • Share this church plant with people you know
  • Visit our beautiful city in small teams while being intentional about living the gospel.
  • Send teams to help prayerwalk and do mission work.
  • Give to the Co-operative program and the Annie Armstrong offering.
  • Consider making a financial gift directly to the church plant.

There are numerous ways to help a church plant, including some not listed on this website. Please contact us for more information about how to help this planter. Please refer to NAMB’s website for the official policy statement concerning providing for church plants.