Dhan Bhujel

Dhan Bhujel

Nepali United Jyoti Church – Rochester, NY

About the Planter

My name is Dhan Bhujel and I was born in Chirang, Bhutan 1949 in the family where we practice Hinduism since fourth generation including my generation. I used to be Hindu priest as fourth generation followed after my father for 20 years with strong believe in Hindus God. Back in 1990 I fled from Bhutan to Nepal after Bhutan Government refused us to accept as Bhutanese. Forcefully, I had to left the motherland along with my seven children and wife because each day the Bhutan Soldier forced us to leave the country with various unbearable activities including raping, killing etc. After the long march in 1991 we settled as a Bhutanese Refugee in a bank of the river called Kankai, Mahi in Nepal. Each month Hundreds of resettled Bhutanese people started to dies because of the various diseases.

Similarly, including my wife four children of mine suffered from epilepsy including numerous diseases. Frequently, I spent lot of money for Hindu priest to heal my family and as a priest I also involved but more I practice more I got circumstances. Specifically, my eldest son Bhawani Bhujel suffered with tonic clonus seizure and disable with his left hand. Meanwhile, the evangelist Dhan Gazmer arrived my home to tell about Jesus and how he can make us free from all critical situations. I always hatred and sometime beat the Christian people back in Bhutan. At that time also I tried to not to listen him but I was hopeless and I about to lose my only son. However, with the small amount of believe and for my son sake I act like accepting his Jesus. For me to accept Jesus as a Hindu Priest is very problematic but I dedicated my small faith on to Jesus after I failed many times with other Gods. In result, my society people stop to communicate with me because I was became a Christian and that really hurt me but in the other hand my family situation started to become normal. Day to day I raised my believes in Jesus because evangelist Dhan Gazmer, Ps. N.D. Thulung and other started to visit my home and pray for my family which made my family free from all diseases. In addition, my son also started to move his left arm and he is free from epilepsy and other diseases.

After my son held I start to follow Jesus with strong belief. Within small period of time with the help of Ps. N.D. Thulung I started a small group fellowship in river. So, after six months of reside at River, the UNHCR provided us salter and living arrangement in a refugee camp. My family and I settled as refugee more than eighteen years in refugee camp. I continue to lead a small group of people and share the good news about the Jesus along with my life changing testimony. At the same time I lost the communication with my relative and also I faced many persecution from my relative and society because I become Christian and I share the gospel. In 1993 I took a leadership training and become a pastor and since I have been doing His ministry. Since, I came to U.S. in 2009 I started church here and over to other states too.

Eventually, my goal is to reached the unreached people and start planting the churches and making disciples all around the world. In Conclusion, I am very thankful to God for always being there when I am in needy situation. I am very glad to see transformation on my self from Hindu priest to Pastor. Since 1992 I experience my believe raise up never went down and I want to share to world that Jesus is only the way to peace.

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