Caleb Bunch

Caleb Bunch

Redeeming Grace Fellowship – Massapequa, New York

About the Planter

  • Caleb Bunch is a Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor/church planter, and a lover of books and travel. He was born and raised in Chanute, Kansas. He moved to Brazil at age 19 as a missionary and has served in ministry ever since. He has ministered as a missionary on four continents, and loves to share the gospel with the lost. Caleb married his best friend and love of his life, Ashley on Oct. 10, 2009. They now have three children: Asaph, Petra, and Athanasius. 
  • Caleb and Ashley love the Word of God and studying it carefully.
  • Hospitality is a cornerstone of how our family ministers to people at this time in our lives while our children are young. We try to have people in our home at least five days a week so that we can get to know them well, and speak to them where they are with the gospel and biblical truths.
  • Caleb has earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies, an M.A. in Education, and an M.A. in Church Business Administration. Most recently, Caleb completed his M.Div. degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

About the Church/Area

  • We are seeking to reach Nassau County which has roughly 1.4 Million people. It is not as diverse as Queens, but would rank as the most diverse county in 29 states.
  • More specifically, our church is located in Massapequa, which largely made up of Jewish and Italian families. Unlike many parts of New York and Long Island, Massapequa is mostly comprised of families that have inhabited it for several generations. We are sharing the gospel with a community that is reportedly 1.6% made up of evangelicals.
  • Although the overwhelming majority of people in Massapequa are not Christians, they are very religious people. Our neighborhood is primarily populated by Roman Catholics and Practicing Jews.
  • On Long Island, communities are not divided by any “county” space, so we are not simply seeking to reach Massapequa. We are very involved in the communities of Levittown (where my wife and I live), Seaford (which literally starts across the street from us), Plainedge (which begins three blocks from us), and Bethpage.
  • More than anything, we are looking for people who pray like the man mentioned in James 5:16.
  • We are growing, but we still not self-sustaining. Financial partnerships are necessary in order to continue our growth.

Get in Touch

How to Get Involved

  • That we don’t neglect to commune with God and to love our wives and families in these busy times.
  • For wisdom in the building stages of the church as we choose leaders.
  • That the building would not distract us from our mission to spread the gospel.
  • Share this church plant with people you know
  • Visit our beautiful city in small teams while being intentional about living the gospel.
  • Send teams to help prayerwalk and do mission work.
  • Give to the Co-operative program and the Annie Armstrong offering.
  • Consider making a financial gift directly to the church plant.

There are numerous ways to help a church plant, including some not listed on this website. Please contact us for more information about how to help this planter. Please refer to NAMB’s website for the official policy statement concerning providing for church plants.