Potential Partners

Join the work God is doing by partnering with a church planter or church plant.

Partner With a Church Planter

You can help start new churches in New York and New Jersey by partnering with a church planter. There are three levels of involvment and all are extremely important.

Supporting Church

A Supporting Church partners with a church planter through praying, participating and/or providing. Often there will be more than one supporting church partnering with a church planter, helping to meet different needs.

Sending Church

A Sending Church is responsible for a new church plant until the plant is self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating. The healthiness of a church planter and his family is critical to the health of a church plant, and, in many ways, a strong Sending Church is a primary factor in a church planter’s long-term health and success.

Multiplying Church

A Multiplying Church is committed to an intentional process for discovering (finding), developing (training) and deploying (using/sending) missionary leaders for BCNY and for the world.

Church Plant Partner Activities

You can help start new churches in New York and New Jersey by partnering with a church plant’s activity. As a supporting, sending and/or multiplying church, you will engage in one or more of these activities:

Praying Church

A Praying church commits to pray specifically for a planter, a church plant, city and region.

Participating Church

A Participating church participates in church planting by involving its members personally in ministry with the church planter. For example, a church may want to send mission teams to assist church plants or seek to encourage individuals within their church to be sent as short- or long-term (period of time) missionaries as a part of the planting team.

Providing Church

A Providing church develops a closer relationship with a church planter, some find that there are other needs for which they can provide. If a church is able to participate in this way they could have the opportunity to provide for some of the specific needs many church plants have during their critical first years.